LECOM Health Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County

102nd Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County



Tuesday 11:30am Bayfront Sheraton

ERIE, PA – The Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County has had an annual meeting every year since 1913. Since before World War I, volunteers in Erie County have been meeting once a year to discuss the ongoing operations of the Erie VNA.  Over one hundred years (not many organizations can say that) and still going strong. This year’s program features recognition of the Past Presidents of the VNA.

The board meeting starts at 11:30am in the Harlequin room at the Bayfront Sheraton and a lunch follows with VNA staff and supporters. About 65 people are expected to attend to keep the tradition of quality Home Health and Hospice Care going in Erie County for another 100 years.

“We are the stewards of an amazing legacy,” Said Dan Desrochers, Director of Development at the VNA.  “So many people have come before us laying the foundation for a charity that has helped people in need in Erie County for over a century.”

 Since 1906, the mission of VNA of Erie County is to provide quality, cost effective home health care and hospice services to residents of Erie County,

Regardless of the ability to pay.