LECOM Health Visiting Nurse Association of Erie County

The We Honor Veterans Hospice program is designed to provide special treatment and care for veterans as they enter the final phase of their lives. The V.A. and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization created this program because today in America one out of every four people passing away are veterans. The veterans are paired up with volunteers that have been specially trained ( and in my cases are also veterans) the meet the special needs of these patients.

vetsThis special hospice program connects veterans and volunteers and addresses their special needs, circumstances and history so they can be treated with the best care and respect possible.

The “We Honor Veterans” program includes:

Identifying and honoring veterans upon admission to Hospice service: The program focuses on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement, including a Flag lapel pin.

Identifying each veteran’s needs: Hospice medical and social work staff receive veteran centric training. Most veterans have special needs related to the military service, combat experience or other traumatic events. Hospice has the tools to help support our veteran patients and their families.

Meeting veteran needs by providing the best possible end of life care specifically tailored to veterans and their families and meeting the veterans’ special needs for care in their preferred setting, Hospice is better able to accompany them toward a more peaceful ending.

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